English Courses

Holistic Reading & Writing Program (HR&W) - 8 Levels

Designed to deliver a comprehensive, engaging English language program. The core objective to the program is to engage learners and explore their natural curiosity for learning about the world through content-based instructions in English via subjects such as social studies, science, culture, news, and math. 

This program will help to develop strong communication skills in English across all four macro skills (listening, reading, speaking, and writing) with a comprehensive foundation in vocabulary and a firm grasp of grammar. 

Academic English Arts (AEA) - 8 Levels 

Our young learners are familiarized with key phonics skills and sight words through a range of fun short stories and activities. We incorporate fun and fascinating content via project-based and team-based activities, board games, acting, and academic text, to ensure learners become confident all-round readers and writers.   

Students will read, analyze and critique challenging literary and non-literary texts so that the can develop transferable skills for school and beyond.

Public Speaking and Research Methods - 6 Levels

Build your confidence in speaking and communication to deliver great show-and-tells, formal public speeches and presentations in English. Even better, argue your point conveying your ideas convincingly on a debate team or present the news as a news reporter. 

Learn how to select not only great words and expressions, but use your posture, gestures, and voice to become an outstanding presenter. Which will help you in your academic life and in your professional career as well.

STEM - 3 Levels

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math - STEM! Through weekly fun, hands- on experiments, students develop their abilities to solve problems by designing, creating, and justifying their choices through project-based learning that reinforces STEM concepts all through English. 

Through this program, students will develop key skills such as problem solving, logical reasoning, teamwork, independent study, and multimedia literacy. 

Grammar/Guided Reading & Writing

Through extensive practice, students will gain a greater understanding of grammar use, meaning, and form. Our grammar series encourages students to speak and write English accurately and fluently by providing learners opportunities to practice key grammar structures in a meaningful context. Students reinforce and personalize grammar structures so they can employ them in real life situations. 

Preschool Starter 

Preschool courses are designed for 3 to 6 years old students. Learners will be immersed in a natural English spoken environment, in which they develop language awareness and confidence in speaking and listening to English. 

In this course students will learn to recognize the alphabet, phonics, sight words and basic math through thrilling story-telling, activities, board games, rhymes, songs, holiday programs, worksheets, and interactive online activities.