Our Story
Welcome to Ivy Tree Language Center! We're thrilled to be part of your  language learning journey. We're also happy to welcome you into our Ivy Tree community where we encourage everyone to learn and grow together to their full potential.

 Ivy Tree is a K - Adult education organization that immerses our students in academic rigor and creative thinking to prepare them for studying abroad and in the pursuit of purposeful careers. To this end, we offer a full range of programs suited to different students needs and ability, all of which are designed to inspire them to learn and create with empathy.

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What Make Us Special?
Small Group Classes with Customized Programs

We believe in helping students achieve their full potential by working with their unique strengths and individualized needs. We provide small group classes to enable all students to receive the attention they require to thrive with students placed in classes according to their language level.

Wide Range of Programs 
and Resources
At Ivy Tree we offer a diverse range of programs to achieve our mission of developing critical thinkers and confident, global communicators. During class, students access a wide range of online materials and books. They may also borrow books from our expanding library.
Current Teaching Methodology
Teachers take a communicative approach to teaching, involving students in the real communication activities to build a strong language skills across all areas: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  We provide critical insight into cross-cultural knowledge and understanding, which is fundamental to a solid grasp of language.