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Ivy Tree's six main learning streams:

(1) Holistic Reading & Writing, (2) Academic English Arts & Vocabulary Study, (3) Public Speaking, (4) STEM,  and (5) Grammar/Bookworm & Writing. These courses can be studied individually but are best taken together to provide a comprehensive approach to building a strong foundation in all aspects of English.

What makes Ivy Tree different?
Pursuing Curiosity

Encourages students to be curious about the world around them and to discuss how they can make a difference in it.

Thinking Critically

Nurtures critical thinking by urging students to be unafraid of asking questions and to freely question pre-existing notions.

Inspiring Imaginations

Fostering the imaginations of our students as the world needs dynamic problem-solvers and creative thinkers that can deal with tomorrow's problems. 

Empowered to Learn

Empowering students to actively participate in their own learning process, through active participation in discussions, debates and activities with up-to-date learning material.

The Reward of Risk

Provides a safe environment that promotes our students to take risks, to not be afraid to fail and to push the boundaries

Immersive English Environment

Teachers understand and respect that students have individual learning styles and needs and will strive towards creating a suitable environment for them to learn in English.